Sharing the World of Plants

Flora ID is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to a
broad range of interests surrounding the realm of plants.

Privacy Policy

For plant identification apps for Android devices:

Flora ID, a nonprofit organization, does not collect, receive, share, nor maintain any personal information for any purpose. Nor do we do so from anyone who might contact our organization at their own volition for information about our Android apps. We do not have any in-app sales, nor do we collect any personal information.


For our comprehensive interactive plant identification software for PC Windows computers:

All our PC sales are handled directly by our nonprofit organization listed on our website. We collect and maintain records of purchasers’ contact information only for the purposes of being able to confirm their past purchases when they request updates. This information is kept in a secure single location, and electronically in a single database file accessible only by the Executive Director and one of our volunteer board members of the organization, on one computer and an encrypted secure backup. If a customer orders and pays with a credit card, the transaction is referred to Square, which manages it, and no credit card information goes to our organization.

None of the software we produce collects or transmits any personal information regarding purchasers or users. There are no in-app sales.