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In 2017, all Windows version prices were cut in half.  Early in 2022, we began adjusting our prices to respond to higher costs, and to better meet our goals and mission.  Final adjustments were made in late September of 2022.

With appreciation for Native Plant Societies, those who purchase our Windows versions through their state, province or local Native Plant Society or similar organization can get a 30% reduction on the price. 

Single state or province Windows keys:

Plant Keys for Windows 98 computers or newer are available for each state and province named in the map above plus West Virginia. Each key includes all the native and naturalized vascular plants known to grow in that state or province. The list below gives the total number of species included for each state; text information regarding varieties and subspecies is included for a majority of the species.

Note: all PC versions have been updated as of May, 2020, and the Pacific Northwest version was considerably revised as of June, 2020 to coincide with the geography and plants of the recently revised Flora of the Pacific Northwest.

A Single state or province Price:  – $35.00    *10-site license $120.00 except California and West Virginia

There is a $20 shipping charge except for West Virginia.

Alberta, 1887 species  – US$

Arizona, 4146 species 

British Columbia, 2806 species – US$

California, 6481 species – $200.00  for single; 10-site license for $660.00

Colorado, 3199 species

Idaho, 2888 species

Iowa, 1934 species

Kansas, 2089 species

Manitoba, 1710 species – US$

Minnesota, 2103 species

Montana, 2692 species

Nebraska, 1908 species

Nevada, 3210 species

New Mexico, 3820 species

Oregon, 3988 species

Saskatchewan, 1656 species – – US$

Utah, 3348 species

Washington, 3216 species

West Virginia, 2625 species

Wisconsin, 2463 species

Wyoming, 2545 species

West Virginia, – free – with unlimited site license – $10 shipping only. A collaboration of the West Virginia Herbarium and Flora ID.

Regional keys:

Pacific Northwest: Includes Southern British Columbia, Washington, Northern Oregon, Northern and Central Idaho, and the western edge of Montana – 5179 species.  Note that this is a revised version of the Pacific Northwest keys, now in most cases following the species, nomenclature, and geographic range of the 2018 2nd Ed. of the Flora of the Pacific Northwest.  It provides a useful companion to that publication.

     Price: $100.00          *10-site license: $330.00

Southwest Canada: Includes British Columbia through Manitoba. 3520 species

     Price: $100.00          *10-site license: $330.00

Pacific Region: Includes British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and California. 8210 species

     Price: $300.00          *10-site license: $990.00

Great Basin: Includes SE Oregon, S Idaho, E California, Nevada, and Utah. 5098 species

     Price: $100.00          *10-site license: $330.00

Four Corners Region: SE Utah, SW Colorado, NE Arizona, and NW New Mexico. 4305 species

     Price: $35.00           *10-site license $120.00

Rocky Mountain Region: Alberta to New Mexico. 5795 species

     Price: $200.00          *10-site license: $660.00

Great Plains: Saskatchewan, Manitoba, E Montana through E Colorado, North Dakota through Kansas, and Minnesota and Iowa. 4849 species

     Price: $200.00          *10-site license: $660.00

Southwest United States: Includes Southern California, Arizona, and New Mexico. 6926 species

     Price $200.00          *10-site license $660.00

The Dakotas: Includes North and South Dakota. 1854 species

     Price  $50.00            *10-site license $165.00

* A 10-site license provides 1 copy of the software, with a license to load the software on up to 10 computers or 10 network stations, or combination of computers and network stations not to exceed a total of 10.

NOTE: All Windows versions at this time will be shipped on a Flash Drive/Thumb Drive.

JUNE 15: 2022 Now Available: “Vascular Flora of West Virginia,” A WINDOWS VERSION FOR WEST VIRGINIA.  A companion to the 2006 Checklist & Atlas. COLLABORATION WITH WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY HERBARIUM and Flora ID. It is free, with $10 for shipping, and an unlimited site license.