Privacy Policy & Thanks

Privacy Policy

For plant identification apps for Android devices:

Flora Id, a nonprofit organization, does not collect nor maintain any personal information about customers who purchase our Android apps. We have no in-app sales, nor do we receive personal information from Google Play or Amazon.


For our comprehensive interactive plant identification software for PC Windows computers:

All our PC sales are handled directly by the nonprofit organization listed on our website.  We collect and maintain records of purchasers’ contact information only for the purposes of being able to confirm their past purchases when they request free updates.  This information is kept on paper in a secure single location, and electronically in a single database file accessible only by the Executive Director of the organization, on one computer and an encrypted secure backup.  If a customer orders directly from us and pays with a credit card, the transaction is referred to Square, which manages it, and no credit card information goes to our organization.  If a check is received for payment, no copy is made of the check.

None of the apps or software we produce collect or transmit any personal information regarding purchasers or users.  There are no in-app sales.




Our Appreciation and Thanks

The plant identification programs of Flora ID have been created using the Authoring System developed by XID Services, Pullman, Washington. Valuable assistance is provided Richard Old, Ph.D., of XID Services.

Additional assistance was generously provided by many individuals in the early days of our work, especially the late Karl Urban, and the late Scott Sundberg, Ph.D., Oregon State University.

Herbarium facilities have been made available or images provided by herbaria at the University of Alberta, Arizona State University, University of Arizona, Brigham Young University, University of British Columbia, University of California at Berkeley, Chico State University, University of Colorado, Desert Botanical Garden of Phoenix, Humboldt State University, Iowa State University, The Manitoba Museum, University of Kansas, University of Manitoba, University of Minnesota, University of Montana, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, University of Nevada Las Vegas, University of Nevada Reno, University of New Mexico, New Mexico State University, North Dakota State University, Oregon State University, University of Saskatchewan, San Diego Natural History Museum, South Dakota State University, Utah State University, University of Washington, Washington State University, West Virginia University, University of Wisconsin at Madison, University of Wyoming, and Western New Mexico University. Herbarium staff have in all cases been very helpful.

The species alpha codes, and in many cases the plant names, are based on the Biota of North America Project, and on the PLANTS database of the Natural Resources Conservation Service. Plant nomenclature is mainly based on the Flora of North America for plants included in published volumes.

The line drawings illustrating definitions of terms in the menus in Windows versions are by Karl Urban and Amy Barnes. Icons and illustrations in the Android apps are by Una Wu and Amy Rogers.

The line drawing of Isocoma humilis is included with permission from Intermountain Flora, Vascular Plants of the Intermountain West U.S.A., Volume 5: Asterales by A. Cronquist. c. 1994. The New York Botanical Garden Press.

Drawings of plant species which do not have the credits noted on the image are from public domain sources.

We are deeply indebted to the many photographers, agencies, and institutions listed below who have graciously allowed us to use their photographs in this program, making the end result a truly collaborative effort. These images all retain the copyright of the photographer or provider of the photographs. Anyone wishing to use the images for other purposes than with this software must first obtain permission from that photographer or agency. However, if an image does not have a (c) copyright symbol in front of the name of the photographer or agency, the image may be used for educational or non-profit purposes without obtaining additional permission, though the lack of a copyright symbol does not in any way indicate that the copyright is not retained by the photographer or provider of the image.

Images by Ken Bowles may be used for any purpose which promotes conservation of our natural environment.

Photos by Al Schneider may also be seen on High Country Apps of Colorado Rocky Mountain Wildflowers.

Photographers and agencies whose photographs are included in one or more of our programs include: Zoya Akulova-Barlow, Patrick Alexander, Lorna Allen, John Almendinger, Chel E. Anderson, Marilyn Anderson, Mark Anderson, James M. Andre, Clay Antieau, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Lori Armstrong, Duane Atwood, John Bachman, Alaina Berger, Bruce Barnes, Drake Barton, Ricky Bates, John H. Beaman, Kathryn Beck, Duncan Bell, Anna Bennett, Bruce Bennett, Alaina Berger, David Biek, Wilbur Bluhm, Curtis Bjork, Ken Bowles, Jason C. Bradford, Barry Breckling, Paula Brooks, H.W. Buckingham, Nelsa Buckingham, Janis Burger, William C. Burger, Cherilyn Burton, Jason Bushmaker, Catherine Cain, Bob Case, California Dept. of Fish and Game, Florence Caplow, Gerald D. Carr, Robert L. Carr, Adolf Ceska, Michael Charters, Tom Chester, Christopher Christie, Deb Clark, Mike Clayton, Theodore Cochrane, Barbara J. and Lorence G. Collins, Colorado Natural Areas Program, Beth Corbin, Mary Corp, David Cowles, Jerry Crathorne, Felicity Cutten, Mark Darrach, Elizabeth Davison, Shane Delaney, Charmaine Delmatier, Desert Botanical Garden of Phoenix, Diane Doss, Mark Dimmitt, Paul Dubuque, Joe Duft, Jim Duncan, Peter Dziuk, Don Eastman, Priscilla (Alexander) Eastman, Donald R. Farrar, Walter Fertig, Tracy Fleming, Alan Flinck, Donna Ford-Werntz, Phelps Freeborn, Craig Freeman, John Game, John Gamon, Stu Garrett, William R. Gray, Jeannie Gregory, Lynden Gerdes, Matt Goff, S. Goodrich, Steve Griffin, Laurie Hamilton, Fred Harris, Ron Hartman, Richard Halsey, George W. Hartwell, Tanya Harvey, Bonnie Heidel, Steve Hegji, Richard Henderson, Janice Hill, Jeff Hines, Wendy Hodgson, Douglas Houck, Fred Hrusa, Marty Hudson, Janice Huggins, Norman Hunter, Jason Husveth, Idaho Conservation Data Center, Marjorie Illman, Intermountain Herbarium, Iowa State University Herbarium, Lawrence Janeway, Bill Jennings, Charles G. Johnson, Jason Johnson, Russ Jolley, Emmet Judziewicz, Drew Kaiser, Tom Kaye, Robert Kaul, Dean Kelch, Don Kaddatz, Linda Kershaw, Blane Klemek, Greg Keighery, Darrin Kimbler, Bob Korfhage, Bud Kovalchik, Robert R. Kowal, Don Knoke, Neil Kramer, Charles Krysel, Frank Landis, Les Landrum, John Latimer, Linda Lee, Michael Lee, Ben Legler, Peter Lesica, Walter Lewis, Max Licher, Robert Lichvar, George K. Linney, Aaron Liston, Liz Makings, Manitoba Museum, University of Manitoba Herbarium, Michelle Martin, Robert Mansfield, Maria Mantas, Marion Ownbey Herbarium, John Marquis, Hollis Marriott, Ernie Marx, Steve Matson, Susan McDougall, Scott McMahon, Connie McMillin, Scott Milburn, J. Gordon Miller, Stephanie Mills, Scott Mincemoyer, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Gary A. Monroe, Montana Natural Heritage Program, James D. Morefield, Tony Morosco, Keir Morse, Julie Kierstead Nelson, Bruce Newhouse, Graham Nicholls, Isabel Nichols, Robert Nicholson, Jessica O’Brien, Alex Ogg, Jr., Ohio State University – OARDC, Richard Old, David Ode, Oregon State University Herbarium, Christopher Page, Ethan Perry, Bob Powell, Tom Pratt, Robert E. Preston, Brant Primrose, Rod Randall, Eugene Reimer, Barry Rice, Paul R. Roberts, Cindy Roche’, Earl Rother, Rocky Mountain Herbarium, Hans Roemer, Kristie Romanow, Thomas Rosburg, Michael Rosenthal, Daniela Roth, Ruth Rouse, Jake Ruygt, Angela Salzl, Doug Schemske, Al Schneider, Steve Schoenig, Daniel Schrag, Bruce Selyem, Martin Sheader, Steve Shelly, Mary Ann Showers, Michael Simpson, Aaron Sims, Bob Sivinski, Benjamin Smith, Doreen Smith, Vernon Smith, Welby Smith, Clarissa Spicer, Lisa Spier, Forest and Kim Starr, Robert Steers, Jay Sullivan, Scott Sundberg, Kenneth Sytsma, Don Tate, Dean William Taylor, Dan Tenaglia, Harvey Tjader, University of California and Jepson Herbaria, University of Colorado Herbarium at Boulder, University of Kansas Herbarium, University of Washington Herbarium, Karl Urban, U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Geological Survey, T.R. Van Devender, Anthony Valois, Jim Vanderhorst, Dana Visalli, David H. Wagner, Janet Wall, Jeanne Waller, Washington State Noxious Weed Control Board, Washington State University Herbarium, West Virginia University Herbarium, Kate Watters, Steve Watts, William Weber, Jennifer Whipple, Jeff Weige, Fred Weinmann, Dieter Wilken, Sue Winderowd, Steve Wirt, Wisconsin State University Herbarium, Carol W. Witham, Kent Wolf, Jean Wood, Dennis W. Woodland, Eric Wrubel, Mark Wurdeman, Loraine Yeatts, Dana York, Frank Young, Monica Zachay, Peter Zika, and Dale A. Zimmerman Herbarium.

Bruce S. Barnes and Flora ID