PC System Requirements

The XID Services software in which our keys operate, runs in Windows 98 or newer Windows operating systems including Windows 10, and in either 32-bit or 64-bit computers.   This includes Windows versions which have been loaded on a Mac with a Windows emulator.  It also works fine running in a Windows touch-screen tablet.  The only exception is that it will not run in Windows CE (A somewhat outdated Windows Mobile).

Any computer running Windows has enough RAM memory to run the keys.  However, with many thousands of color photos, the more RAM the faster and smoother it will call up the photos.

The software comes on a DVD or a flash drive/memory stick, depending on the preference of the buyer.  The program will run in the DVD or flash drive, but runs much better and faster if installed on the hard drive.  When installed, it will use from about 600 MB to 2.5 GB, depending on how many plant species are in the geographic region.   We are working also to be able to send a buyer a link to simply download it to their computer, likely by October or November 2021.

The software will run well on a local network; site licenses for doing so are available.

If you are interested in installing the program on a Mac, there are some emulators which may run the PC keys.